ABC Subcontracting Services (ABC) is an enterprise focused in the business of the development and management of construction projects in the United States . ABC was born in California at the end of 2007 but it only  kept operating until the end of 2011 as a consequence of the U.S. financial crisis of 2008.

 In those years, ABC was able to manage around 120 projects per month which included the design and construction of new residential homes, design and construction of commercial projects such as new warehouses and new offices, new additions, home remodeling, roofing, kitchen and bathrooms upgrades, interior and exterior painting jobs, flooring, new garages, patios, pools, block walls, iron fencing, concrete, sidewalks, landscaping , including federal and municipal projects which included the development of new road accesses for sewer systems, and many many more of other  projects.

Now, due to a better economy and a large number of construction projects available all over in the United States, ABC Subcontracting Services is currently recruiting construction companies in every trade to develop these jobs. The projects will be available by state and will be subcontracted through a Contract-Agreement to the best bitter, not necessarily the lowest but the most accurate based on the specifications of the scope of work.

All of these projects require different professionals of the construction industry, all of which ABC subcontract after they have been screened, background checked, negotiated, classified, certified, recruited, and added to ABC’s own network of contractors to work and operate under a signed mutual agreement where the rules are set to avoid any conflicts of interest for all parties.

Every Customer and Contractor will be classified in three categories through A, B, and C, which will help us to assign them to the right match according to the Contractor size and the Customer budget. This measure will gives the possibilities to always take care of everyone of our customers, fast and easy.

ABC maintains 100% control of everyone of its projects through Agents and Supervisors. The Supervisors are  active licensed individuals or companies who are also subcontracted to supervise either the ABC’s Project Agents, or the contractors developing the projects of which they were subcontracted for.